Thursday, October 25, 2012

{Halloween 2012} Tara Mae Thornton from HBO's True Blood


Hola chicas!

OMG! I never update my blog anymore (well except with my YT uploads). I missed you guys! 

I'm gonna try to keep you guys updated more. I promise! Cross my heart and hope to die! 

Anywho, on to the purpose of this post! This year I've decided to be Tara from, one of my favorite shows, True Blood. More specifically, True Blood Season 5. I have a HUGE fan girl crush on Rutina Wesley and I love her character, Tara, as a vampire! When I saw this purple fishnet corset that she wore in one of the episodes, I knew I had to have it. So after scouring the interwebs, I finally found it for a reasonable price. Originally, it wasn't meant for a Halloween costume but after it got here, I couldn't resist. 

The company that makes this bustier/corset is Coquette. You can't order directly from the site but you can get it for a reasonable price at Lingerie Diva. Their price is REALLY reasonable compared to a few other sites that I visited in search for this bustier. It is really well made and fits snug but comfortable. Mine is in a medium but Coquette offers a wide variety of sizes. They also provide a fitting chart if you need help deciding which size to get. I will definitely be purchasing more items by this designer in the future.  

Anyway, enough talk! Below, I'm posting more pics from my mini Vampire photo shoot! Hope you like them! 

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