Monday, April 9, 2012

Makeup Monday! {Practice Makes Perfect!}

Hola chicas!

Today, I got the rare chance to practice my makeup skills on someone other than myself. Also, I have my FIRST official freelance makeup job!  One of my Spelman sisters is graduating next month and I am doing her makeup for that day! YAY! So she came over for some "consulting" and I practiced two possible graduation looks on her.


Look #1:
Eyes (close-up)

Look #1: Full Face

Look #1: Full Look

Look #2: Eyes (close-up)

 Look #2: Full Look

After Thoughts: I really hate doing eyeliner on other people. Scratch that....I hate doing eyeliner period. I'm really good at applying it when I'm not trying or in a hurry but when I'm trying to be careful and make the line either super thin or super straight, I fail miserably! She has very small eyes so it was a challenge but I think I did a good job overall. Looking at her in person, I liked the blue eyeshadow the best but after reviewing the pictures I think the gold look won out. It's hard to keep my Spelman sister in a chair for too long, so I neglected mascara and lip color but I still think both looks are gorgeous.

Please leave your questions, comments, and suggestions below! 
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LuvLayci said...

I love the second look!

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