Sunday, April 1, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} APRIL IS HERE!!! And so is BM0R3Natural!!!!

Hola chicas!!


I usually don't like those pesky giveaway/follow me posts. Actually when I see them, I roll my eyes and keep scrolling but I'm starting my own.  From what I've seen, they seem to actually work. I really want to draw attention to my YouTube Channel and this blog. Somehow, this seemed to be the perfect solution. Plus, I haven't done a giveaway since October and that just won't do.

Enough talk! Here is how this is going to work.

My aim is to have at least 300 YouTube subscribers by the end of the month. If I do, I will give away two mystery prizes to two of my subscribers (one item for each winner).
If, by some chance, I reach 300 subscribers by April 15th, I will announce that my new goal is 500 subscribers. If I reach 500 subscribers by April 30th, I will double the amount of possible winners and they will each get a mystery prize also.

That means four prizes and four winners! 

What are these mystery prizes?

Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a mystery, now would it??? All I will say is that the prizes will be a (VERY HOT) makeup item and a (VERY POPULAR) natural hair care item. The winner will get to pick which category her prize will come from.

What do I have to do to enter the contest?
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Then, send me a personal message saying that you would like to enter and which item you want .
  • Next, visit my blog and leave a comment under one of my posts. If you also follow my blog, your name will automatically be entered TWICE. You are already here so you might as well go ahead and follow.
Will you ship prizes to UK or international residents?

Yes, I will. A few of my subscribers were disappointed last time because I wouldn't ship internationally. I'm happy to say, this won't be the case this time around.

What else could I possibly get out of this?

If one of the winners is an up and coming hair and/or makeup blogger like myself, I would really like for them to do a review on their prize. It can either be a written or video review. Either way, it will appear on my Youtube channel or here on my blog and garner attention to your own blog or channel.

That's all folks! Easy peasy, right??

I am 100% serious about this and the prizes will definitely be worth it so please enter, not just for the prizes but also for the support of an up and coming blogger.

Please leave any questions or comments below! And please pass this on to your friends!

Until next time! 



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Disfuntional.Happenings.With.Mo said...

- Sounds like a great giveaway. Glad I found yuh :) I am an up and coming Beauty & Transitioning Blogger :) Glad to show support !

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