Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Fun With Manic Panic}~~Wildfire Red~~

Hola chicas! 

I have been in kind of a hair slump lately and since I can't do much about the awkward length phase I'm going through, I decided to play around with some color. I had been eyeing this brand for awhile and finally took the plunge today. Honestly, this isn't the color I wanted (they were sold out of 'Vampire Red') but I'm happy I ended up with it.

My hair had already been in chunky plaits for two days under my wig. I unraveled them and put rubber bands loosely around each section. Then, sprayed each section with a water bottle and applied Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo; replacing the rubber bands as I went. Then rinsed in the same manner.

(before stirring)

(after stirring)

(With Shampoo)
(With Shampoo)
(After rinsing; nothing but water)
(After blow drying)

Then, I applied the color cream, section by section, still replacing the rubber bands as I went. Following the directions, I applied the cream 1/2" above my scalp (never letting it touch my scalp) and finger combed it through until the cream turned a frothy orange-red. 

After I was done, I covered my hair with a plastic bonnet and let the dye sit for 30 mins. Here are the results:

(Review): Overall, I'm happy with the color and can't wait to see it in the sunlight. I was looking for a red with coppery-orange undertones and I got it. If you have dark hair like me and want a bolder red, I recommend pre-lightening your hair first. 

For my readers who have never heard of Manic Panic, they're a vegan company that specializes in very bold colors, especially reds. Plus Manic Panic is tested on celebrities (Rihanna, Kelis, Katy Perry & many more) not animals. Being vegan and against animal testing is already one BIG plus in my book. Not to mention the fact that I really like my first experience with this product. 

Until next time chicas!

P.S. I refuse to tell my bestie, Shinae that she was right about it being easier to wash and rinse in sections. Let's just was less time consuming...yeah lets go with that lolz! LOVE YOU BESTIE!


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