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{REVIEW!} Sue Devitt Powder Foundation & Primer

*Disclaimer* I must let you know that this is a lengthy story and that the epic fail that steamed from this purchase was partially my fault. I will, however, blame my best friend, Shinae for egging me on. My only consolation is that Shinae actually paid for both of these products for me as a late birthday gift.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my best friend came all the way from North Carolina to visit me in Atlanta last weekend. While she was here, of course we ended up going on a makeup shopping spree. Sephora was NOT ready for us! However, we ended up in Macy's in pursuit of Urban Decay's 'Naked' Lipstick (for her of course b/c I had gotten mine weeks ago!) and ended up buying two rather expensive Sue Devitt products that were suggested by the nice sales associate/makeup artist who was "helping" us out.  

I asked the lady at the makeup counter for a nice powder that would fit my complexion and not leave me looking ashy. She immediately directed me to this powder foundation saying that this was one she used on herself and excitedly asked if she could try it on me. She applied the primer and then the foundation. When she finished applying it and let me see myself in the mirror, I instantly fell in love. My face was flawless, my skin tone was even, and the foundation gave my skin a glow that I've never experienced with any other foundation. She knew I was sold the minute I saw my reflection in the mirror. So she went on to try the same primer and foundation on Shinae. Needless to say, we ended up leaving with both products. 

Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder ($28)
(Tirari Dessert)
This picture is not of the color mentioned above. It is the only "good" picture of the product I could find .

Honestly, I would have never said anything negative about this foundation had it not broken within 2 days of purchase. When I say broken, I don't mean a few cracks in it. I mean, it literally shattered.One of the many things that sold me on this foundation was the fact that the makeup artist told us that her compact had lasted 6 months without cracking. She actually showed us her own compact from her purse and it was in great condition. It practically looked new except where you could see it had obviously been used. She even told us about how many times it had been dropped but never broken. Mine, however, was broken beyond repair  and my attempts to fix it were futile. I tried reshaping it with alcohol but it shattered again within a day. So now I just have a compact that makes a mess whenever I open it. The formula is awesome and did everything the website and the makeup artist at Macy's promised except survive a very short drop from my desk to the floor.
Long Lasting.
Light to medium coverage.
Leaves skin with a glow without looking shimmery.
Does not leave skin looking ashy.

Compact and contents could not survive a 2 foot drop.
Foundation cracked within 2 days of purchase.

Maybe I expected too much in thinking a powder foundation should be able to survive a short drop. I did expect a crack or two after the drop but not for it to be completely shattered.

Sue Devitt Microquatic Fortifying Primer ($40)

Goes on smooth and silky.
Makeup lasts all day.

Not absolutely necessary for application of foundation.

I really couldn't ask for more by way of a primer. It does everything it promises and leaves my skin feeling really nice. However, I wouldn't recommend applying it immediately after cleansing because of possible skin irritation. The website (and the nice lady from Macy's) would have you believe that the nice glow that you get from the foundation is because of the primer but I have used the foundation with AND without the primer and there is no noticeable difference in the glow I get. With that being said, I would suggest using a primer under the foundation for the simple fact that it helps the foundation last longer.

Would I buy either of these products again?
As of now, probably not because of how expensive they are. I'm keeping tabs on my best friend's foundation to see if she has any problems. I'll update this post if anything comes up.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Please leave questions, comments, and feedback below!

Until next time chicas!
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