Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thoughts While Sitting in Philosophy (while browsing Tumblr and Etsy.)

Originally Posted October 2011 on Tumblr.

So according to my friends, I am becoming more afrocentric. If you equate Afrocentrism as going natural, wearing head wraps and scarfs, and eating healthier while exercising a little more than I guess I might me. Honestly, my style of dress has changed a bit but I blame that on growing up more-so than becoming “afrocentric”. Honestly, I think i’m just sick of looking five years younger than I am. I’m almost 21 for christ’s sake. Isn’t it time I stop dressing like I’m in high school? Anyway…i’m ranting…..

I wouldn’t mind some afrocentric jewelry though. I’ve fallen in love with Ankhs. I’m also thinking about buying some waist beads. Since both tries at having a belly piercing failed, I think waist beads are a good trade off. 

Makeup…hair dye….I think my tomboy “phase” has officially fully passed. Except of course when I comes to playing video games lolz (and the urge to climb trees. Which I would fully indulge if ppl wouldn’t look at me like I’m crazy.). Yeah , i loved high heels and dressing up in high school but now I’m really starting to get girly. Where was I going with this……………………………………………….???? I don’t remember but I do know that I’m changing and growing. I’m def not the same girl I was when I first came to Atlanta. 

And this is how I know I’m growing up….(brace yourself)…..Money doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket like it used to. Granted, I am still a retail junky but I’m not as quick to spend money as I used to be. Maybe I’m finally figuring out my priorities but (for example) I could have shopping cart FULL of 20 or more items that I want off Amazon but as soon as I have the money to buy the items, I talk my self out of clicking the checkout button. I seriously rationalize why I don’t need the items. If that’s not growing up, I don’t know what is. 

And now I have discovered Etsy (*sarcastic voice* thanks alot Tumblr)……Help me! 


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