Sunday, January 8, 2012

“Ooo Girl…Where Did You Get Your Afro Puff?”

Originally Posted June 2011 on Tumblr

This happened a few months ago when I first started my natural journey but I just thought about it and thought that I should share this story.
So I was in the cafeteria at CAU (Clark Atlanta University) eating lunch with my bestie, G. We were sitting at a table near the entrance to the cafeteria talking with the lady at the cash register who swipes our IDs. While we were talking I noticed that her eyes kept glimpsing up at my hair. This isn’t unusual (I have a few friends who don’t hesitate to touch it at every opportunity) so I ignored it and kept talking. Eventually there was a break in the conversation and she took that opportunity to say “Girl, I like your hair style. Where did you get your puff from?” *insert record scratch* WHHAAATTT??!!!
Politely, I replied, “I didn’t buy it. It’s mine”. Then she says, “Really….are you sure?? You don’t have to lie to me.”
I say “Yes I’m sure. It’s my hair.”
She says, “Oh. It looks too perfect to be real”.
EXCUSE ME???!!!!
At this point I’m speechless. Well not really. A lot of things I could have said ran through my head but I tried my best to be nice about it. I simply replied “yeah I’m a perfectionist. I spend a lot of time in the mirror making sure it looks just right”. Then my best friend chimes in and says “Yeah she does. I watch her do it every morning.”
This situation wasn’t the last time somebody accused my puff of not being mine. Why is it so hard for other black women to believe that we can actually achieve the styles we see on the mannequins in the beauty supply stores without using extensions, weaves, or ponytails? 


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