Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMG Split Ends!! Please tell me it’s not BC time already??

Originally Posted June 2011 on Tumblr!
So today, while I was indulging my hand in hair disease (don’t judge me lolz!), I starting playing with my mini coils. I decided that that moment was as good as any to see what my natural hair looked like minus the relaxed ends. So I isolated a coil and cut off the relaxed part. I was kind of disappointed.
The coil was just as pretty as it was before but it was EXTRA short and small! That’s with two inches of new growth!!! I guess that means I’m gonna have major shrinkage. :( 
Then I started examining the relaxed hair I had just clipped off. More disappointment! Some of the strands were split! OMG I STILL HAVE SPLIT ENDS!! Now I’m almost in tears. :( I just clipped about an inch of my ends off two months ago! I am nowhere near ready to do another trim!! I’m only four months into my transition and I wanted to wait until at least October to consider another trim. So now I don’t really know what to do.
I know that the longer I keep my split, relaxed ends, I’m setting my hair up to worsen but after my coil disappointment I know that I’m not ready for a BC and I don’t want to trim another inch or two off either.  What do I do????


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