Sunday, January 8, 2012


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I know this isn’t a big thing for most people but I was incredible for me. I hadn’t been swimming in years mostly because of my relaxed hair. I had been programmed to think that “black hair” and water did not mix (especially when it was relaxed black hair). Also my hair was constantly hid under sew ins so getting in a pool was totally out of the question. I’ve been transitioning since February and have become really attached to a little poofy fro, twits outs, and rod sets.
Anyway, Yesterday I just got the urge to go swimming! So my boyfriend, my Spelman sister, and I headed over to the Morehouse Athletic Center (Archer Hall) and got in the pool! IT FELT GREAT!!! I didn’t have to worry about how my hair looked, how it would react to the water, or the battle I would have to fight with it afterward. It felt amazing to be so carefree once again. 
After I left the pool, I shampooed (to make sure the chlorine was out of my hair) for the first time in about a month. Then, I deep conditioned over night. 
Maybe it’s a small thing but this is such a milestone for me! 


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