Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Protein Treatment

Originally Posted June 2011 on Tumblr

I did a mayonnaise and raw egg treatment today. OMG, that was the most disgusting 15 mins of my journey so far. I’ve never been a big fan of mayo anyway. I hate the taste of it but the smell never bothered me until today. I’m so surprised I survived without throwing up but I do not believe I will EVER to another protein treatment unless there are other ingredients I can use.
My process?
First, I cracked three eggs and beat them really well. Then, I mixed in about ¼ of a cup of mayo. I mixed them together until it turned into a creamy consistency. Then, I applied the mixture to my hair, put a plastic cap on, and let it sit for ten minutes.
I’m actually surprised I allowed it to sit for that long. The smell was tolerable until it came time to rinse it out. While I was rinsing, the smell just became overpowering. To make matters worse, some of the raw egg had cooked in my hair. So I had little white balls of egg stuck in my hair. NEVER AGAIN!!
After my protein treatment, I did a beer rinse. That part wasn’t so bad and I may try that again.
As far as my hair is concerned, it felt dry and lifeless after the whole process was done. It was almost like I had shampooed with sulfates. Maybe I need to check my hair for protein sensitivity. Hmmmmm…
I followed up with a DC to get my hair feeling back to normal. Next time around, I think I might try using avocados. I really don’t like the taste of those either but as least it’s not mayonnaise.


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