Sunday, January 8, 2012


Originally Posted July 2011 on Tumblr!

I think I’m waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy overdue for a rant! 
Every time I look at my hair in the mirror, I get a little bit frustrated. Not because I don’t like my hair but because I’m sick of the limited amount of styles afforded to transitioners. 
Don’t get me wrong. I love my puffs and my twist & curls (the only styles that seem to work for me). But I can’t even do a proper two strand twist without it coming out limp and lifeless! I WANT BIG, BEAUTIFUL, PLUMP, VIVACIOUS, TWISTS!!! I want a head full of coils, curls and kinks! Instead I’m stuck with two inches of new growth and six inches of dead hair! I’M IN A TRANSITIONING HAIRSTYLE RUT!!!
I can already hear the older naturals saying “well maybe it’s time to BC.” NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not ready to BC!!! 
I have only have two inches of new growth which is basically shrunken to my scalp (and probably gonna shrink even more once the relaxed ends aren’t weighing it down)! I REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY PUFF!!!!!! 
I have been trying to wait until at least October. (After the summer challenge is over.) To even consider BCing but at the slow rate my hair is growing I don’t even think I will be ready then. 
Patience has never been a strength of mine. Maybe it’s time to go ahead and get some Senegalese twists so I can stop watching my hair.  


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