Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diaries of a Product Junky (Entry #2) - Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

Originally posted November 2011 on Tumblr.

Ok Ladies! It’s been awhile and I know that I owe you a lot of reviews. The problem is finding the time to do them. I apologize. However, this product has me just plain frustrated and I need to vent!

The Shea Moisture Curling Souffle is probably one of the worst products I’ve ever used. In short, I don’t like it. And let me explain why.
  1. It’s Sticky! I can’t use this product without feeling the urge to wash my hands every five minutes. It leave a sticky buildup on my hands and my hair. This is the only product I’ve ever experienced build-up with. Even my ‘cone’ laden products don’t give me build up like this. This “protective” sticky barrier does keep my hair from drying out for about a week but who wants a sticky residue left on their hands every time they touch their hair?  After my initial usage of the product back in September I hated it but I decided to wait it out and see if I could find something to combat the stickiness. Needless to say, I didn’t.
  2. It takes forever to dry! Usually it takes about an hour (maybe less) for my hair to completely air dry. However, when I use the curling souffle, it takes literally HOURS for my hair to completely dry. Not two or three either. I’m talking, even 5-6 hours later, my hair still hasn’t dried.
  3. Leaves White Flakes! After taking my twists down, I noticed a lot of white specks in my hair. Whenever I touch my hair, I see flakes falling out. This is unacceptable.
  4. Texture. The texture of this product is just plain weird. It’s like jello but a lot stickier. I definitely recommend exercising caution when using this product. You do not want to get any on your clothes. 
So is there anything I like about the product? Yes!

The Curling Souffle produced really pretty twists and provided excellent hold. It also defines curl patterns really well and makes twist-outs POP! 

Does the good outweigh the bad? Not a chance! 

However, I do see a giveaway coming in the very near future! 

Until next time mi amours! 



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