Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bridging the Gap Pt. 1

Originally Posted June 17, 2011 on Tumblr

If you read my blog and watch my videos, you know I always talk about how much my grandmother hates the fact that I’m going natural. Today, however, I might have had a breakthrough.
My grandmother and I were sitting on the porch talking about nothing in particular. Somehow we got on the topic of her hair. Now my grandmother has always had a finer texture of hair than me. She’s never used a relaxer. She has long, silky hair that makes loose pretty curls as soon as water hits it. I, on the other hand, have really thick, kinky, tightly coiled hair. Anyway, in the last couple of years, her hair has been thinning but lately it seems to have gotten worse. Especially on the sides of her head.
My grandmother has always been a wig junky. Even though she always had pretty hair, she could never do anything with it because it wouldn’t hold curls or any other style for that matter. (Now that I think about it, she never would wear her natural curls. She would always try hair rollers and curling irons. She should have just hit it with some water and mousse. *shrug* Maybe she just never thought of that.) So she resorts to wigs every day. Most people don’t even know that my grandmother wears wigs. Since she basically sticks to a certain style, they assume it hers.
So today, we were talking about her hair thinning and what she was using on it. I explained to her that the wigs are what are making the thinning worse. She wears the wigs so much that the combs and elastic lining are rubbing the sides of her hair out. She even said that she had slept in her wig on numerous occasions. She told me that she had been using a conditioner that I told her to use and it was getting better. Then I asked if she has tried any natural remedies. She said she hadn’t. She only tried the conditioner I suggested.
I told her about the thin spots on my hairline and said her I had been using a mixture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aloe Vera gel and that it seems to be helping a lot.
At this point, I thought she was talking about the Organics Herbal Tea Tree Gro Lite Hair Conditioner that I had recommended the last time I was home. I basically swear by this product, especially since it is one of the few “hair greases” on the market that does not contain mineral oil or petroleum products, but she wasn’t talking about that one. She was talking about something called Doo Gro Medicated Hair Vitalizer. She said that she needed to get some more because she had run out. Now I had never seen this product before, let alone recommended it to her. Out of habit, I started reading the ingredients to her out loud. The first of which was petrolatum. (Already a bad sign!) The next ingredient was sulfur. MY GRANDMOTHER IS ALLERGIC TO SULFUR!
She refuses to believe that petroleum is bad for your hair but when I said sulfur, I swear you could have heard a pin drop in her room. Then, she reminded me of something that she had mentioned a few days earlier. She was complaining about welts that were appearing on her face and she didn’t know the cause. She had assumed that it had been the fish she had eaten. Since, my grandmother is allergic to shellfish she assumed she might be developing an allergy to other sea foods also. But when she heard me say sulfur was in her hair product she knew that the product was the cause. To make matters worse, she had been using this product for months without knowing it contained sulfur. The jar was EMPTY!
Needless to say, she won’t be using that anymore. She then asked about my Olive Oil and Aloe Vera gel mixture. I already had her using Aloe Vera gel for about a month now but she said she didn’t like it on her hair because it made her hair hard. So we took the “hair viatalizer” container, washed it out really well, and put a mix of Olive Oil and Aloe Vera gel in it. After mixing it well, she put some on her hair and she loves it. She said that if it works the way she wants it to, she will continue using it.
Baby steps…baby steps!


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